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Energy Storing Panels

29 NOV 2013

This intriguing blog post from the Automotive Training Centre explores a new technology that’s at the forefront of efficiency in electric vehicles. The technology in question is energy storing auto body panels, parts of the vehicle that actually help to store energy and eliminate the need for those gigantic, clunky battery packs. What might surprise you is that the technology isn’t just going to revolutionary for the electric vehicle market, but could have some great implications for the traditional gas vehicle market as well.

“Energy storing panels aren’t just limited to electric vehicles, though. The idea is that even traditional gas powered vehicles can incorporate the energy storing panels into their design and eliminate the need for traditional batteries, saving a lot of drivers a lot of headaches. When the technology is finally rolled out, it should be easy enough for any auto mechanic to implement. The auto manufacturer that’s at the forefront of developing this technology is Volvo, who three years ago began a research partnership with the European Union and London’s Imperial College to develop the concept.”

While still in the research and design phase, and still very experimental, the technology could revolutionize how we think about the energy in our vehicles, and help make both gas and electric vehicles more efficient and environmentally friendly. Not to mention reducing our reliance on those frustrating, giant batteries and reducing the overall weight of the vehicle. While it may still be a couple of years off, the future of electric vehicles is becoming brighter by the day.