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Encouraging Open Dialogue for Creative Ideas

11 MAR 2014

Whether you care to admit it or not, creativity makes the world go around – not schedules or business plans or following the rules. It’s the people who are willing to step outside the box and ruffle some feathers that make the biggest impact. While it’s easy to say that we should all be more creative, in practice it’s a much more difficult task. It can be a scary thing to do, to bare your soul and express yourself creatively in a world that’s much more concerned with getting things done, sticking to plans and making sure everything is efficient. However, there are a couple of ways that you can foster a more open and welcoming environment for creative discussion, as pointed out on this blog post by Shimer College, an alternative liberal arts college in the United States. Check it out, and maybe you’ll be inspired to drum up some creative ideas of your own!

“These days when we think of arguments, we tend to think of a “this vs. that” scenario, as if there is a clear right answer, and that someone is arguing the right thing while someone else is arguing the wrong thing. This very much discourages creativity, as people feel less willing to share their thoughts or ideas, lest they be “wrong.”

The truth is that arguments are meant to be back-and-forth discussions that bring up innovative and creative ideas and principles that challenge the other person. In the age of the internet, we’ve come to believe that any statement can be “proven wrong,” but that’s missing the point.”