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Employee Qualities Valued By Investment Banking Firms

7 NOV 2014
Career Path : Administration

Online MBA degreeWhen an individual considers entering the investment banking field, they should come prepared for a challenging career. An investment banking firm will dedicate significant resources to the development of an employee; however, before signing on anyone new, the firm must determine whether or not the applicant has the core skills necessary to succeed in this competitive field. Here are a few of the attributes firms look for when seeking out qualified investment banking professionals:

Problem Solving

Regardless of the occupational environment or job title, almost every professional must confront challenges and resolve problems during their work-day. However, it’s the employee who can bounce back or even excel during difficult times who truly stands out in the crowd. In order to succeed at investment banking, candidates must demonstrate that they are skilled problem-solvers, no matter the situation. This is a trait that is difficult to showcase during the interview process. Therefore, it is important for individuals to illustrate examples of problem-solving abilities on their resumes, and during the interview, they should discuss examples of how they effectively responded to challenges in the past.


One of the most valuable qualities an investment banking candidate can have is the ability to drive themselves and inspire others with passion and hard work. Investment banking firms value professionals who demonstrate strong management skills, team work, and effective interpersonal communication. Working with clients, other team members as well as management, are effective ways of strengthening a leadership skillset and preparing for success as an investment banker. Students with an online MBA degree are particularly familiar with the qualities associated with expert leadership, as well as the principals that guide effective management.


Investment banking firms typically preference candidates who possess the ability to work well without any direct supervision. This is a quality that can make an average employee stand out to management. These self-starters are viewed as an important and dependable asset. When interviewing for a position, it is important to point out examples of successful project management that were carried out with minimal supervision.

Technology Skills

Many industries favor candidates who are skilled in the latest technology, and investment banking is no exception. The ability to quickly adapt to new and emerging technology is more important than ever. An investment banking firm is a technology-intensive environment, so it is important for applicants to familiarize themselves with the latest innovations. Students who earn degrees via distance MBA programs will be well acquainted with the most recent tools of the trade, and ready to implement them in a professional environment, such as the investment banking firm.


It is important for individuals to maintain their highest level of professionalism when applying for positions in investment banking. Flawless self-presentation, respectful mannerisms and speech are essential foundations for a career in finance. In order to gain the confidence and trust of clients, investment professionals must conduct themselves with an impeccable adherence to ethics and best business practices. A sound reputation is truly the backbone of any successful investment banking career.