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Empathy, Awareness and Innovation: Big Pharma Marks World Diabetes Day

10 DEC 2013

This week, the AAPS blog investigates the work pharma giants are doing to raise awareness and build support in recognition of World Diabetes Day. The blog, Big Pharma Marks World Diabetes Day profiles the work of several well-known companies, including Abbott and Bristol-Myers Squibb, revealing that industry giants are invested in more than just profits. The blog explains that,

In 1991, the International Diabetes Foundation established World Diabetes Day, an occasion centered on raising advocacy and awareness, and on keeping diabetes firmly in the public spotlight. Students currently enrolled in pharmaceutical courses will emerge into an industry market where diabetes prevention and management is of paramount concern.

This week, we profile Big Pharma companies who not only facilitate cutting-edge clinical research on diabetes, but also develop empathy-building educational campaigns, allocate grant money to international projects, and invest in much needed new medicines.

When most of us think about multinational corporations and companies, we usually focus on their aptitude for money-making and sometimes ruthless business practices. Over the years, Big Pharma has been criticized for focusing on profitable symptom control, rather than cures for longstanding diseases. However, the blog reveals a friendly, more human face of the industry giants as they collaborate with international diabetes research teams and dedicate resources to increasing empathy for patients.