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Emerging Strategies for International Sales

12 AUG 2014
Career Path : Administration

Online MBA in sales

An MBA in Sales Management provides students with the training to put together a dynamic sales team. By using the skills you learned in your MBA program, you’ll be able to make your company a leader in the business world.

To qualify for an MBA program, you must have earned an undergraduate bachelor’s degree from an accredited university. Additional requirements may include:

  • GMAT with a score of 500 or higher
  • GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • A personal interview

An MBA degree provides students with the skills and strategies to succeed in international sales. When you earn an MBA, you’ll have the knowledge required to specialize in international business and work in the global marketplace. An MBA online is an ideal way to prepare for international sales. It provides students with an experience equivalent to being in class on campus, and it’s easy for students to earn their degree on their own schedule while working.

When you study for an MBA, you’ll have access to lectures, professor’s notes that you can refer to at any time, and online libraries with unlimited resources. Specialized topics are also available for online students. A global MBA can provide skills including:

  • Developing a working knowledge of customer acquisitions
  • Learning effective CRM strategies
  • Forecasting skills
  • Manage sales processes and team
  • Retention approaches in B2B and B2C markets
  • Effective sales planning

An online MBA in sales provides you with emerging strategies which are necessary for success in international business. The core coursework may vary depending on the school you enroll in. Among the courses that you may be required to take are:

  • International trade basics
  • Communications
  • Finance
  • International monetary systems
  • International law
  • Joint ventures
  • Leadership skills
  • Marketing

Building Your Team

When you’ve completed your MBA program, you’ll be ready to take your place in international business. You’ll have the necessary training to build relationships with your sales staff. By getting to know your team as individuals, you’ll be able to work with them more effectively.

One of the most important aspects of managing a successful sales team, whether it’s local or international business, is to be able to make decisions quickly that are best for the company and won’t compromise your projects. Taking courses in marketing strategies and leadership skills as part of an MBA program can prepare you to make these decisions.

MBA programs are rapidly increasing in popularity, and some of the top names in business and manufacturing are recruiting managers who have completed an MBA with a specialization in international sales. Students with advanced skills in business management are being hired to ensure that companies can compete in the global marketplace.

Continuing To Succeed

An MBA manager specialized in international sales can succeed by using sales strategies that are proven to work, and by developing new skills and strategies that help the sales professionals to succeed and continue to generate new business for the company.