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Emerging Healthcare Trends in 2014

31 MAR 2014

The world of healthcare is a hard one to keep up with because of its inherently fast-moving, constantly improving nature. As a society, we refuse to settle for the treatment options available to us right now, and we’re constantly striving to improve our cures, treatments, processes, equipment and attitude towards healthcare. From fighting hard for the right to use certain products to treat illnesses to advocating more serious research into specific diseases, there’s a long history of fighting for improvements in healthcare and it’s something that’s not going to be stopping any time soon. This frequently means that certain trends in healthcare start happening as people band together to push healthcare forward. In 2014 this has seen more importance being placed on the management of chronic care, and the increase of on-the-job health plans. Check out this great blog post from the National Academy of Health and Business for more information on emerging healthcare trends in 2014.



“Companies are pushing hard for better employee health, mostly as a way to curb their costs on increasingly expensive healthcare plans for employees. Who knows, maybe in a few years it won’t matter if you took accounting courses, you might not be able to get a job simply because you smoke. While it’s an inventive system, many employees or potential hires are sure to get miffed about being penalized for personal choices. While it may not be a terrible popular way to cut costs, at least according to skeptics, it’s certainly an inventive one, and it’s definitely going to inspire people to head to the gym after work instead of the bar.”