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Emerging Career: Virtual Legal Assistant

10 FEB 2014
Career Path : paralegal

As the online marketplace shifts, there is more and more room for people to carry out their business entirely online. Administrative positions have particularly been a part of this shift to online work. However, entirely new positions have also been created in the process. Virtual legal assistants work on the cutting edge of the online workplace.

Job Description

A virtual legal assistant does most of the same work that an in-office legal assistant would do, only remotely. The day-to-day tasks may be varied: a typist may be used to transcribe important documents and an administrative assistant can handle the tasks of scheduling appointments, managing paperwork, and dealing with the day-to-day tasks of operating your office. Receptionists can even do their work virtually, working with software that connects them with their legal offices. Tech assistants can help maintain servers in the office. There are a variety of tasks that a virtual assistant can take on for the legal office, each requiring its own set of skills.

How to Become a Virtual Legal Assistant

In order to become a virtual legal assistant, an employee needs to have strong computer skills. Since the work is done mostly at a computer, the worker needs to use various software programs quickly and efficiently. The home office space must meet some requirements as well, such as a high speed internet connection.

The legal assistant will need to carry out the tasks that an in person assistant would tackle, so the employee needs to have a good background in legal training. The best legal assistant schools can prepare their students for work in this field, whether it be online or in a more traditional office setting. In fact, many of the schools for legal assistants are beginning to recognize the enormous potential that virtual legal assistants present, and they are beginning to provide the specific skills that allow their graduates to enter the online marketplace with gusto.

Finding a Virtual Assistant

A number of platforms connect virtual legal assistants with the offices that are prepared to hire them. Keep in mind that not all offices are ready to hire virtual assistants; usually, only offices that have gone paperless can benefit fully from having a virtual assistant. Virtual legal assistants can be found on websites that post ads for freelancers. Offices can also post an ad locally or on a job board such as craigslist and indeed.

Those offices that are uncomfortable with the idea of a virtual assistant who can never come into the office may want to transition by hiring a local assistant to work remotely. However, most workers and offices find that, once they have established a good routine and frequent communication, the process of working virtually can be rewarding. It certainly can save time and office resources, while providing workers with flexibility.

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