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Emerging Career Opportunities for Community Services Workers

14 FEB 2014
Career Path : Community Work


Community services workers are some of the most influential and amazing people working today. They work tirelessly to ensure that others have the proper care and support that they need to live rich and fulfilling lives, overcoming adversity and many of life’s challenges. From counselling and facilitating programs at drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres, to working at a suicide prevention hotline, training as a community services worker prepares you for high-stress situations dealing with often extreme personal problems. If you’re an exceptionally hard-working and compassionate individual with great interpersonal skills, you could find yourself in a rewarding career helping people in a variety of ways. To see what your career options are with training as a community services worker, check out this excellent blog by Herzing College, and who knows, maybe it’ll lead you to a great career!

“Centres for detoxification – also called “detox centres,” “rehabilitation centres,” or “rehab” – are facilities where people suffering from drug or alcohol addiction can go to help deal with their addiction and get much need support. Detoxification centres are of paramount importance to addicts because they provide a safe and medically sound method of treatment, because often when an addict attempts to get clean on their own they run the risk of suffering complications from withdrawal or relapsing. As a community service worker, you’ll assist people by supervising group activities and facilitating group discussion, providing counseling and emotional assistance, and assisting with suicide prevention.”