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Becoming an Emergency Dispatcher

14 MAR 2014
Career Path : Emergency Dispatch

What is a Dispatcher?

A dispatcher is someone responsible for sending trucks out into the field. They talk to drivers, arrange schedules and ensure that clients get their goods and products on time and in good condition. Many dispatchers work for private companies and handle the needs of a large fleet of vehicles. Others take positions within for-hire fleets, which requires that they meet the needs of multiple clients at once.

Deciding which sector you want to work in can help you when it comes time to find a job after graduating from the program. Private companies will sometimes have a fleet of trucks and drivers working for the company, and dispatchers will arrange for drivers to transport goods as needed. You also have the option of working for a company that transports goods for other businesses.

Types of Jobs Available

The Automotive Training Centre sees its graduates work for a number of different businesses after leaving the program. Some graduates work as customer service representatives and in the sales sector. They work with clients, help them decide what they need and find people willing to work those shifts. Customer service representatives can also help clients and businesses decide why they should choose one fleet over another.

Graduates also work in other fields, including loss prevention, fleet maintenance and emergency dispatchers. Loss prevention experts help companies identify problems with internal losses reported within that company, while maintenance experts handle issues relating to the upkeep of the vehicles in that fleet. Emergency dispatchers work for private companies, the government and in other arenas. They find drivers willing to take emergency calls and handle last minute problems.

Choosing The Right School

Automotive training schools believe in providing the structure that new students need and the support that they want when they start their careers. You can request a free information kit from most schools, which will show you the different classes you need to take and how you can apply for your schooling.

Automotive training colleges also offer a number of benefits for students interested in dispatch school. Students can usually choose classes that fit around their schedule. Some dispatch classes meet at night and on the weekends, while other classes take place in the middle of the day. You’ll also find that the school has small class sizes and offers job assistance after graduation. Other schools will give you a certificate and send you out into the world, but most auto training schools will now assign you a job search counselor. That counselor will help you prepare your resume, apply for jobs and with any other needs you have. If you dream of working as an emergency dispatcher, now is your chance.

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