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How to Effectively Manage Your Time

9 OCT 2013

As the semester gets underway and the novelty of a new school year has worn off, now comes the hard part. Studying and jugging all of the demands on your time. With classes, part-time work, and extracurricular activities, how is it possible to juggle it all? Since it’s not possible to add more hours to the day, the best way to manage all of your daily responsibilities is with careful planning and effective time management.  Here’s a look at a few productive methods to help you manage your time:

Track your time

Whether you use your cell phone or prefer to go back to basics with a notebook and pencil, the best way to track all of your daily commitments is by writing them down. There’s nothing worse than showing up to class and realizing that there is a quiz that day that you’d forgotten about. List your school commitments so that you won’t have to remember them all. Writing information down is a great way to track how much studying should be done daily and you won’t have to wonder when that next quiz is happening. Try using a daily calendar when you’re on the go and a monthly calendar at home. Check your school directory to see if there any print-out calendars available. However, whether you decide to use a monthly or daily calendar, the goal is to chart all of your commitments to keep track of them all.


Keep your life in balance by learning to make time for the activities and commitments that are the most important and the remaining less important activities at the bottom of the list. Classes and work should be at the top of that list, and then make room for social activities depending on your schedule. This may fluctuate weekly depending on the volume of your academic assignments. If you’re not able to attend an event, your friends will understand, since as students they also have a similar work load to juggle. The goal is to prioritize and not try to do everything. Although it will be hard to say no to an event that you really want to go to, your grades will reflect your discipline in the long run.

Motivate your Brain

Schedule the time for fun activities. If you’ve just spent the past two hours studying, then reward yourself with a break. Call up a friend for a short chat, take a few minutes to stretch, or even just read educational articles online. The idea is to create a balance and to let all of the information that you’ve just been studying have the time to sink in. Time management doesn’t have to boring, you can also schedule the time for fun activities.

If at first you find that you’re not sticking to your schedule, then don’t give up! Like everything else, with greater practice, the more improvement you will see. Effective time management takes time to learn.