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How Education Can Help with the Climb Out of Poverty

12 MAR 2013
Career Path : Accounting

For many people, bridging out of poverty means deciding on practical steps to push themselves forward with career focused education. The trick is choosing the right program. Healthcare training is relatively stable, but has a very broad pay scale spectrum. A phlebotomist or a licenced nurse makes more than a certified hospital orderly. Other training needs to be taken with an eye to what is hiring, and also patterns of hiring. Teaching Assistants are very useful, but a cash strapped district won’t have the same resources to hire as one with a lush budget.


Job focused programs are available at both a community college and private career colleges. Both are usually accredited and it’s possible to achieve student loans and grants. Surprisingly, tuition is not significantly cheaper than many university courses, however generally this is not including university fees and study resources. Additionally, the time to complete a set of accounting courses for certification, and earn a bachelor’s degree, is considerably different. For people who have been born into poverty, the stretched educational period, complicated university admissions process and hidden educational costs can make it an impractical choice. Career focused programs are also popular with new immigrants, who tend to value stability regardless of the length and level of the education.


While there are many disadvantages to a pink collar ghetto, for one of the largest impoverish groups, single mothers, the sort of traditionally female work one can get as a healthcare aid or with an office administration diploma is often more understanding of the problems inherent with parenting. This is not a perfect solution, but as unsupported childrearing is one of the easiest routes to extreme financial difficulties, often it is better to focus on a functional solution than the ideals.


Sometimes programs can be a foot in the door to get more educational options. Accounting courses could lead to a job in the bookkeeping department in a company. For a reliable, hardworking employee, the company may feel encouraged to sponsor the person they’ve hired to advance their education beyond that initial investment. It can also be a way of proving yourself to admissions boards.


People who grow up in poverty often don’t have the same resources for achievement. Parental instability or even poor nutrition can lead to a poor academic record and no time for extracurricular activities or side projects. A poor GPA can be boosted with more time in school as a second chance. For example if, nursing initially seems like too far a stretch, good results in a healthcare training program, for example as a licenced rather than registered nurse, can even lead to credit transfers. Some students even go one step further and use a more career focused school for the tuition savings.



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