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Tips on How to Have the Best Catering Experience

13 JUN 2012
Career Path : Hospitality

Whether it is for a fundraiser or a wedding, planning an event involves a lot of time and careful planning. From the paper stock used for the invitations to the playlist played during dinner, every detail matters. And while all the details matter, any guest will tell you without any hesitation that the most important detail is the food.

Depending on the size of the event, you may be able to make the food by yourself. But really, no one expects you to be Giada De Laurentiis. Besides, you’re strong spot is organizing, not cooking, so focus your talents on what you’re good at and leave the food up to a caterer.  

A common misconception people have of catering services is that they’re expensive, and that they use low-grade food to off-set the cost of mass plating. This is ridiculous. A caterer who doesn’t use fresh, delicious ingredients is obviously not worth paying. While there are a few companies who do cut corners, it is up to you to shop around until you find a catering service that fits your needs and expectations.  

But before you start booking appointments, be sure to have the following details ready in order to make your meeting with the caterer as easy as possible.  

Date: If you do not know for sure what day you will be throwing the event, then you should at the very least be able to give the caterer a ball park. Catering services become booked up quite quickly, so it is important that they know from the get-go that they are available to work with you.  

Time: Will the event be in the day or at night? This can entirely determine the menu, so make sure you know if you’ll be partying til dusk or dawn.  

Location: Some caterers will offer their services on and off site, while others will not. Be sure to have a list of venues ready in order to be able to discuss your options.  

Head count: Anyone planning a party is at the mercy of their guest list. For the sake of timely planning, you will meet with your caterer before you receive all the RSVPs, which means you may not know exactly how many people you will be hosting. Still, try to assess your guest list thoroughly so you can give the caterer a decent estimate to work with.  

Setting or Theme: The difference between a professional or social event is like the difference between hors d’oeuvres and pizza. That is not to say that all professional events serve the same food, or that social events are just big pizza parties. Still, the tone of the event really helps capture what sort of food will be served. Is it a wedding in Oakville, or a casual neighbourhood fundraiser? Will it be held indoors or outdoors? Will there be a theme? Make sure you’ve answered these questions before sitting down with the caterer.  

Budget: How much money you are willing to spend will determine the volume and type of food that a caterer can provide. Whether you have a small or big budget depends on you, but either way, try to stick to it as much as possible.   Having these details ready for a caterer will really allow them to understand the type of event you’re aiming for and how they can help you reach that vision. There are many catering services in Oakville, each providing different services and unique touches.    


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