Schools Training Foreign Travel, Local Dining

20 JAN 2014

This week, the Canadian Tourism College blog profiles EatWith, a website that pays hosts to cook dinners at home, and helps tourists book seats at their table. The service represents an increasing interest in the informal travel economy. Sites like Airbnb, HomeAway and Flipkey challenge traditional hotels by connecting tourists with private local rentals. Part of the allure is the personalized feel one gets by staying in a home, rather than in a hotel. The blog post, Foreign Travel, Local Dining, observes that

Unless you’ve signed up for a packaged tour, chances are you’re hitting the streets on your own, looking for a city or town’s hidden gems. And it’s unlikely that a guidebook will have the information you need to experience a truly authentic visit. A new trend in travel and tourism sees vacationers searching out ways to connect more deeply with local customs – and one of the ways they’re doing it is through EatWith, a website that connects travellers with local hosts happy to provide home cooked meals.

Few travellers could imagine anything better than joining locals and other tourists around the table for an authentic traditional meal. And they are avoiding the pitfalls of overpriced tourist traps that overcharge and underdeliver.  Sure, there is the chance that you won’t love the cuisine, but that could happen at any restaurant, and with EatWith there is the promise of engaging, eclectic company. And the invaluable opportunity to profit from a few insider tips about the city you’re visiting.