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Distinguish Yourself After You Become a Mechanic

10 MAY 2012
Career Path : Automotive

You know what you are going to learn about in auto mechanic training: you’re going to learn about engines and diagnostics, drive trains and alignment… But if you are planning on going into business for yourself after you become a mechanic, then you may also want to brush up on some basic business techniques. When you finally do open your own garage, how are you planning on selling yourself? Each year, there are many new graduates from auto training schools. What makes you so special?

Host a drop-off point to encourage recycling of used tires

In auto mechanic training, you probably learned about the ways that car manufacturers have been trying to make their technology more sustainable. Customers, it seems, are very excited by the prospect of biofuels, low carbon vehicles, etc. You can show your support for this green turn by making it clear to customers that you care about the environment. You can encourage customers to drop off old tires with you so that you can see to their proper disposal.

Set up an electric car charging station on your premises

Different levels of government across North America have been introducing electric car charging networks that are implemented with the participation of local businesses. In some places, electric car drivers can plug in their cars in the parking lot of their local bank, favourite restaurant, etc. Why not make your parking lot more attractive by equipping it with a charging station? As you may have learned in auto mechanic training, some chargers are more powerful than others. Try to figure out what voltage of charger would be most convenient for your customers.

Position yourself as “the” garage for electric cars, a certain manufacturer, etc.

If you get the chance, you may want to specialize during your auto mechanic training. You can become a mechanic with a concentration on electric powered vehicles, on diesel vehicles, or on a certain make of car, truck or motorcycle.

Write a Q&A column in your community paper

Your first challenge after you become a mechanic will be to find customers. Build your reputation by sharing the lessons learned in your auto mechanic training with the readers of your local papers. What seems like common knowledge in auto training schools may seem like exotic information in the world at large!

Offer a group buying coupon online to bring in new customers

Once you do become a mechanic, the Internet will present a variety of interesting marketing opportunities for your fledgling business. Encourage new customers to take advantage of your auto mechanic training by offering a group buying coupon for a spring tune-up.

When you do become a mechanic, a playful, open attitude will go a long way to helping you grow your business!