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Dispatcher Training: Do You Have What it Takes?

11 SEP 2012
Career Path : Transport Operations Specialist

Are you considering pursuing dispatch training courses? Confidence, organization, technological savvy, good people skills, these are just some of the character traits that could increase your chances of success after dispatcher courses. Fortunately, these are traits that can be perfected during your studies. School can be character building, so don’t fret if this doesn’t sound like you. That’s what dispatcher courses are for: learning!




If you want people to follow your instructions, you absolutely have to sound as though you know what you are doing. Fortunately, confidence is a feeling that can be honed in dispatcher training. The more you practice issuing orders into the two-way radio, the more comfortable you will become with the process.


Your dispatch training courses can also help increase your confidence by teaching you all there is to know about a dispatcher console. The better you understand the tools at your disposal, the more confident you will be.




A major task for graduates of dispatcher training who go on to work in the truck transport industry is route planning. It’s up to them to make sure that each truck is used well, i.e., that it does not travel for long without carrying a load. They have to assign loads to drivers, prepare documentation for border crossings, make arrangements for special kind of cargo and organize inspections.


How do graduates of dispatch training courses accomplish all this? With a little help from some computer tools, which brings us to the next quality required in a dispatch training graduate.


Technological savvy


In dispatcher training, students are introduced to the tools of the trade, which may include various software programs and satellite systems.


Since different organization use different tools, students in dispatcher courses are best advised to develop a familiarity with a selection of tools. The more tools they master while still in dispatcher training, the more easily they should be able to pick up new tools once they have embarked upon their careers. As you progress in your career, you may find yourself in the position of choosing the dispatch tools for your organization – a proud moment for any graduate of dispatch training courses.


Good people skills


As a dispatcher, you will serve as the link between the truckers on the road and the clients they serve. The better a relationship that you have with your truckers, the easier your job will be. It is in both you and your drivers’ best interests to get along as well as possible. As communications central, you should seem approachable – to your bosses, clients and colleagues alike.


Best wishes as you pursue your dispatcher training. You will have what it takes in no time.



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