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Dispatcher Careers in Canada

3 JAN 2014

Being at the center of it all, commanding a fleet of vehicles and ensuring that all units arrive on time and safely – that is the life of a dispatcher. While you may not have considered it as a career, dispatchers are sometimes the most integral part of an operation that involves fleets of vehicles. As this great blog post from Automotive Training Centre points out, the possibilities of a career in dispatching is much more vast and interesting than just commanding taxis around.


“Of all automotive careers, dispatcher serves as, arguably, the most integral part of companies that have vehicle fleets. Companies in business such as trucking, emergency medical services, taxi services and even railroads all need dispatchers. Dispatchers are resonsible for receiving and transmitting important messages. This means that dispatchers must be extremely thorough, methodical and pay close attention to everything. A dispatcher’s duty is to relay a message as clearly and accurately as possible, in a reasonable amount of time. A dispatcher’s job is essentially that of directing the entire fleet of vehicles, whether sharing important information throughout the fleet or giving instructions on where units should be going”


Dispatchers are responsible for everything from making sure emergency help arrives and has the pertinent information needed to address the situation, to making sure that deliveries arrive on time. From trains to planes to ships, a career in dispatching really has no boundaries!