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Dispatcher Career Options

10 FEB 2014
Career Path : Transport Operations Specialist

Although the automotive trades are often associated with a mechanical nature, the auto trades in Canada are not limited to just those focuses. In fact, dispatch is a prominent field within the industry, and most dispatch jobs are demanding and require a certain level of expertise before a person is able to land that first position of responsibility.

Dispatch jobs are rewarding in many different ways, including financially, and the field provides a lot of diversity, which offers people the opportunity to find the dispatch career that is perfectly suited to their strengths and goals. With that in mind, consider five common fields that students enter upon graduating from dispatch school.

1. Public Service Dispatcher

  • Position of respect
  • Great job security
  • Excellent benefits

Many dispatchers find public service positions to be among the most rewarding on a personal level. Perhaps the most high profile of these positions is 9-1-1 dispatcher, which is responsible for helping people in need. A similar position is fire dispatcher, which does not usually deal directly with the public but is vital in large cities for coordinating fire districts and individual fire departments. An ambulance dispatcher, on the other hand, is not necessarily a public position but is an example of a private position that requires special public-oriented skills.

2. Security Dispatcher

  • Excellent salary potential
  • Diverse career potential
  • Often requires advanced study

An entry-level security dispatch position can be similar to a 9-1-1 dispatcher. An example of such a position is a response agent at a central monitoring station. Response agents identify triggered alarms and then choose a course of action, which can be dispatching police or in-house guard staff. Some private companies are so large and complex that they require a dedicated security dispatcher, but such positions may require additional education beyond dispatch school.

3. Commercial Transport Dispatcher

  • Strong salary potential
  • Diverse challenges on a daily basis
  • Strong technology skills required

Commercial transport dispatchers handle the logistics for shipping companies. In Canada and throughout North America, the vast amount of commercial shipping is handled on the ground via freight trucks. Nevertheless, a commercial transport dispatcher’s job will often encompass freight trains, cargo ships, cargo aircraft and other modes of transportation.

4. Passenger Transport Dispatcher

  • Excellent career potential in urban areas
  • Unique challenges on a daily basis
  • Passenger dispatchers must be people oriented

Taxi dispatch is likely the most common form of passenger transport dispatcher. In a big city, it can be a highly demanding position, and there is often great salary potential because of that. There are also passenger transport dispatcher positions available that are not such pressure cookers, such as limo dispatcher. It’s a great opportunity to take after graduating dispatch school.

5. Service Dispatcher

  • Many entry-level positions available
  • Great job security and potential with the right firms
  • Responsibilities that are unique to this kind of dispatch

Service dispatchers dispatch for a private firm, such as trade firms: plumbers, electricians and HVAC technicians. Some service dispatch positions, however, can be highly coveted.

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