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Dispatch School Goes High Tech

10 APR 2013
Career Path : Automotive

Of all the possible automotive careers you can take, you may not have considered dispatch school. Becoming a dispatcher is actually an increasingly important role as an adjunct to all sorts of other car and truck related professions. From dispatching big rigs with cargos, to taxis to passengers and tow trucks to ferry wrecks and stalled cars to the automotive technician who is going to fix them, people need dispatchers.


These days, the difference between the internet and radio is starting to blur. Dispatcher training makes a bridge between old and new skills. You will need both old style radio skills, but increasingly wireless internet has made its way into car and truck cabs all over the world. The technology has come from the expansion in smart phone and tablet ownership, with 3G, 4G and various other coverage options, but it is just as suited to everything from GPS navigation systems to booking.


With a mobile map in the car, this might sound like it is eliminating one of the roles of the dispatcher, but just as radio announcements of route closures don’t make dispatchers irrelevant, drivers still need a centralized person who can make sure they have up to date instructions. Making everyone more connected also extends connectivity for even people who are far out on the road, who would normally only be able to keep in touch with nearby drivers who also had a CB radio.


Dispatch school also keeps you up to date with the evolution of the switchboard. Dispatchers have always had a responsibility for connecting disparate networks on different radio frequencies. The modern switchboard has never had a broader range of options and now you can hook up emergency services all around the country for a national emergency, or help find an unoccupied automotive technician during a day where most garages are busy.


You will learn old skills like radio jargon, and new skills like maintaining a satellite uplink. To do this you need to find a dispatcher school that can give you what you need. Though program length tends to be less than a year to even less than half a year, with an intensive skill building focus, in practice there are not many institutions that offer good dispatcher courses. Sometimes the training is available by correspondence, while in other cases, it is available from a school that trains students for many different automotive careers.


When selecting a dispatch school, make sure they use the latest technology and look at the rapidity that their graduates find work. Most places are happy to show off their high placement rate and facilities. The information you need could be just an email or phone call away.

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