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Discovering Your Potential As An Auto Mechanic

25 OCT 2013
Career Path : Automotive

If you love cars (and have a fascination with complex systems and understanding how things function) then you probably have strong career potential as an auto mechanic. But as you would learn in any number of auto mechanic courses, there are many ways a budding mechanic can specialize their skills to handle one or two needs–like auto body work, brake systems, fluids and more.

If you think becoming an auto mechanic sounds like a good option for your future success, then there are many ways to discover your potential. Besides signing up for physical or online auto mechanic courses, you could also take part in an auto mechanic apprenticeship at a local shop and learn through hands on experience with a professional.

In either option—auto mechanic apprenticeship or auto mechanic courses—you will learn quickly the variety of options that are open to you in the trade, including:

Being a basic technician

Many auto mechanic courses are aimed at making you an expert at a broader range of issues by introducing you to general auto engine theory. These courses would cover all the basic foundations, including the tools you would be working with—like wrenches and wielding equipment—as well has how to read diagnostic equipment. In the end you’d learn enough basics to begin your career in any number of shops.


Glass breaks. And that makes windshields and other auto glass one of the biggest issues today’s auto shops face. Knowing how to replace and assess the windows of a vehicle would make you valuable to any shop and ensure steady work.

Fluids and braking 

An auto mechanic course that focuses on braking systems and auto fluids is another sure bet—as brakes eventually need to be replaced in all vehicles. Fluids may include things like cooling systems and more. The reason these two skills are paired together is that cooling systems are used to stop overheated brake pads, and more.

Working on diesel engines

If you take part in any auto mechanic apprenticeship you will soon come across a vehicle that doesn’t run on traditional unleaded gas. There are starting to be many courses on electric automobiles and how to fix them as well. Electric is the way of the future, after all.

In today’s evolving world, our auto engines are evolving too. That means there will always be new things to learn. So even after a basic understanding of mechanics investing in a deeper education in advanced mechanics will help you down the road.

Most specializations are provided, as an introduction, as part of auto mechanic courses. specialized trade schools can prepare you for a career in the industry. That could mean completing and auto mechanic apprenticeship, or it could also mean a shorter period o study for learning certification for one task. That of course, will be decided by your goal and budget!

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