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Discovering Your Music Potential

15 NOV 2013
Career Path : Music Industry

Many people who live and breathe believe that their passion can only be pursued as a hobby. The truth is that there are many careers in music, some in front of the microphone and some behind. If you’re interested in turning your favorite hobby into a lucrative, fun career, then read on to learn about the many options.


If you want to get involved in the very beginnings of music creation, then composing might be the option for you. Many people don’t realize that those who find success song writing can have very successful careers. You could also work with a movie studio to compose music for films, with an orchestra, or as a jingle writer for local or multinational businesses.

Sound Designing

You could be a MIDI technician, a music programmer, a music sequencer, or a sound designer. All of these careers involve working with the music others have written and performed in order to seamlessly include it in movies, TV shows, and other media outlets.

Music Management

If you don’t feel you have musical talent of your own, but you love the music industry and want to be involved, then a career in music management may be a great choice for you. You work closely with bands and artists to help them find gigs, negotiate contracts, and ensure their needs are being met. These jobs can include fun luxuries like travel, rubbing elbows with your favorite artists, and even touring with exceptional bands.

Professional DJ

A lot of people think DJing is something to do on the weekends, but many have made an entire career out of it. The best option to pursue this fun career is to go to DJ school. There you’ll learn not just how to mix music, but how to network, how to monetize your work, and how to succeed in the industry.

Music Therapy

Many studies have been done that show that music can play a big part in recovery from traumas and to help those with developmental disabilities better connect with the world and learn. A career in music therapy involves working closely in one-on-one settings. You could specialize in a particular type of therapy, or could become involved in a variety of cases.

Movie Producer

Some careers in music don’t involve solely music. You can also think outside the box to options like movie producing. While you could hire a sound designer or composer to handle the scoring on a fill you produced, it’s also true that the more you know about the field the more involved you can be. Film schools in Canada typically offer classes on a variety of musical topics, as they pertain to films.

There are many options for those who want to start a career in music. The key is to get the education you need, whether it’s attending film schools in Canada, taking management classes to learn how to be a music manager, or starting DJ school.

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