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Discovering the Internal Office Network

14 FEB 2013
Career Path : Business

It is not unusual for an office or company with multiple computers to have an internal network. Sometimes these are used to deliver the same internet access to all the machines in order to provide communal utilities like a printer. Internal network also allow there to be a file management system put in place by the office for sharing work or even inter-location communication. One of the crucial parts of IT technician training is the maintenance of these networks, but it would be unusual to graduate from modern business programs without knowing how to function on a network.


When setting up a network there are certain best practices to follow. Generally, there will either be a wireless connection or a wired connection. Wireless means special care setting up the router within broadcast range of the entire network, while a wired network means clever cable placement. It is a good idea to change the factory pre-set passwords, since more often than not a user name of “admin” and a password of “password” is an easy guess for even an amateur hacker.


Similarly, an internal network should have good passwords protecting intrusion, and if you have sensitive data, practice good habits, whether you’re handling industry secrets or client billing information. At its extreme that could even mean protecting the router jacks from unauthorized plugins and hiring someone to constantly monitor the network, but regular checkups and a responsible attitude about passwords are suitable options. Still, remember: Business programs teach due diligence and the survival of the company could depend on only authorized people being allowed into the network.


Not everyone wants their files stored locally. You might have a central server like the old fashioned mainframe computer systems of the past, where the office desktops are more like access terminals for collective access, or you might want to rely on any number of cloud computing solutions. Very simple operations are actually often included as part of a web design program, as they need to move their files around on servers and the like as well.


If you function with multiple offices, you will also need to secure the connection between locations. Another reason to rely on this sort of thing is that it allows you to email between franchises or locations without having the distraction or risk of an open internet connection.


On the economical investment front, as well as an internal network, you might want a web architect to help you organize everything for your office server into a sensible system. Streamlined internal communications could save you money in the long run. Or there are plenty of cheap or low cost services that have ready to go services for you! Research your options and the savings could really surprise you.



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