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Discovering Canada: A Look Inside Oakville, Ontario

24 SEP 2012
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In a country as big as Canada, it can be quite easy for someone to become wrapped up in the city they live in without ever exploring the rest of what this nation has to offer. There are some who have never explored past their provincial borders.

Well, it’s time to move, fellow Canucks! It’s time for you get up and discover parts of the country that you haven’t yet been to. First stop: Oakville, Ontario.


It doesn’t take long to realize that Oakville is a city that thrives on its history. For one, there are a total of five Heritage Trails, which stretch across 57 kilometers of scenic paths that any pedestrian or biker would love. There are also information stations located throughout the trails, offering visitors tidbits of our nation’s past, as well as more than eighty stories about Canada’s development and history.

The local museums, cultural centres and beautiful restored architecture also contribute to the way Oakville showcases its vibrant history.

Town of Athletes

Oakville is definitely a town that encourages its citizens to live healthy, active lives. With recreation and fitness centres, swimming clubs, and outdoor fields and parks, the people of Oakville are constantly out and about and getting their heart rates up.

Speaking of active lives, of the 119 athletes that represented Ontario in the 2012 Olympics, 4 were from Oakville:

– Douglas Csima (Silver 8+ Rowing)

– Diana Matheson (Silver in Women’s Soccer)

– Tera van Beilan in the Aquatics and Swimming, 100m and 200m breaststroke

– Adam van Koeverden in Canoe/Kayak – Flatwater (Silver in Men’s K1 1000m)

When you come to Oakville, you can expect to be welcomed into a town that will cater to your every athletic urge.

Time to Party

Although not much of a cosmopolitan as the nearby Toronto, Oakville is still a bustling town with a line-up of events that take place all year round. Some of these events include the town’s annual Midnight Madness, which takes place one night during the summer and involves closing off downtown streets and opening it up to pedestrians to stroll in and out of merchant shops until the wee hours of the night.

Oakville is also filled with indoor and outdoor venues that make the town a great place to hold an event. Month after month, reception and banquet halls are claimed by locals and out-of-towners alike.  It also helps that there are several catering services in Oakville  that event throwers can choose from, whether they are hosting a casual party or a more formal affair.

Oakville is just one town of many that any Canadian should take the time to come visit. Whether it’s for their history, athletic energy, or their impeccable wedding catering services, Oakville is a town that offers visitors more than one would assume.

Remember, we only get a true sense of Canada if we explore all it has to offer. Oakville is just one town of many in our vast nation, so be sure to take the time to discover all it has to offer.


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