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Discover Where a Tourism Career Can Take You

24 AUG 2012
Career Path : Travel and Tourism

The tourism industry functions on the talent and dedication of people who specialize in several different areas of expertise. The industry itself has dozens of domains, each of which contain many levels of operational areas. For example, resort travel is just one type of tourism that travellers opt for. In order for resorts to function properly and safely, this sector needs to be equipped with tourism professionals who have the appropriate expertise, including human resources, customer service, and hospitality management.


Resort travel is just one of many different types of tourism that the industry caters to. Aspiring tourism professionals actually have a wealth of choices when it comes to narrowing down their career options.  Let’s take a closer look at the variety of career specializations that exist in the travel and tourism world.




If you are the active outdoors-y type, perhaps a career in adventure tourism is exactly what you are looking for.  Adventure tourism caters to people who are seeking a travel experience that will tie in exploration with action-packed recreation. The sorts of activities that an adventure tourism professional will guide travellers through include, but are not limited to, the following:


– Wilderness Trips

– Ocean Kayaking and River Rafting

– Avalanche Hiking or Mountain Climbing

– Heritage Exploration




It goes without saying that airlines are a major player in the tourism industry. While pilots and ground support crews are vital to a smooth operational system, the airline representatives that communicate with travellers directly are also key players in ensuring that airlines provide impeccable service. A career at an airline may include, but is not limited to, the following:


– Airline Customer Service Representative

– Flight Attendant Pre-Employment




Hospitality is the essence of the tourism industry. Great service, flawless communication, and above-standard quality of food, lodging and entertainment all play a pivotal part in offering travellers an unforgettable experience. Hospitality programs touch on several different types of hospitality, including resort management as well as the following:


– Hospitality Cruise Business Management

– Hospitality Operations

– Hotel Management

– Spa Management


Adventure tourism, airline careers and hospitality specializations are just a fraction of the career possibilities out there for aspiring tourism professionals to go out and pursue. From courses on how to instruct a group on river rafting to event planning courses, tourism programs will include a wide range of course options. And although the above list is just a sample of the sorts of careers that are prominent in the tourism industry, it gives a fair picture of how diverse the industry truly is.



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