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Dirty Little Secrets: What’s Your Grocery Store Hiding?

10 MAR 2014

This week, the AAPS blog discusses the growing problem of unsanitary supermarkets.  Health and safety experts warn shoppers that many grocery stores are downright dirty, and we must take precautions to ensure we’re not needlessly exposing ourselves to infection. And it’s not the dirt we can see that is most worrying. Improperly cooled dairy products, over-handled produce, and bacteria-laden shopping carts – these are just a few of the concerns mentioned in the blog post, Dirty Little Secrets: What’s Your Grocery Store Hiding? The post explains that:

according to food safety certification expert Peter DeLucia (who was recently featured on the Dr. Oz show), we need to be much more proactive when it comes to protecting ourselves from grocery store grime. To better inform consumers, the New York World created an interactive map of the city, where users can search specific stores in their neighbourhood to check for violations. The results are eye-opening. Torontonians are urged to check their favourite market on DineSafe, a portal that gives inspection reports on cleanliness.

Many of the violations routinely reported by official inspectors include rodent droppings, live rodent sightings, poorly sanitized meat preparation areas, and refrigeration systems not kept cold enough to ensure food doesn’t spoil. And although consumers can’t control thermometer settings at their local market, the post suggests a few self-protective techniques such as, wiping down the shopping cart, choosing eggs from the bottom of the stack where they’re coolest, and scrubbing citrus fruits with a water and vinegar solution before slicing.