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Dipping into Canada’s Film Production Industry

18 SEP 2012
Career Path : Filmmaking and Film Editing

More and more filming companies are choosing Canada as the backdrop for their movie productions, due to the beauty, versatility and affordability of the massive country. For those interested in working in the movie industry, there is no better time to enroll in film school in Canada.

While you may not ever see the individuals that work on the other side of the camera, working behind the scenes in the entertainment industry requires certain credentials. You are working with expensive equipment, temperamental actors, and on a very strict deadline. There is no room for error, which is why many film companies do not hire inexperienced workers. In their eyes, a simple mistake could cost upwards of thousands of dollars, so why should they take the chance? This is just one good reason to consider an education in film production.

In Montreal and in Toronto, the best film schools work on a modular system, which requires that you learn all of the presented material before moving forward with your education. It might take longer, but the educational results are guaranteed. Students cover subjects including camerawork, lighting techniques, sound, screenwriting and cinematography. They even learn all of the levels required of a director. By producing their own movie, students gain hands-on experience while being presented with real world problems (think budget, actors weather, mishaps, etc.). They also work with the latest filming equipment in order to establish confidence and familiarity with the tools that they will be required to work with.

Something else to consider is that much of the film work in Canada comes from referrals. This is the nature of the film industry, and another reason why it is so important to maintain a strong network of industry professionals. Attending an accredited film production school with both experienced professors and other industry-motivated students is one of the best ways to do this. The contacts that you make in the preliminary stages of your career may play a large role in your life at a later date. A school also has the ability to immerse you in an environment, and this is the best way to learn any career. Trying to learn on your own will not provide you with these things, and it certainly will not leave you with any sort of certification

Some individuals will independently succeed, without any formal education in filming. But this is a rare exception that cannot be depended upon. Completing film courses and equipping yourself with the necessary education is your best chance at finding fulfilling employment, and the best way to validate your resume.


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