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Dental Care for Special Needs

31 MAR 2014
Career Path : Dental Care

A special needs child can require a lot from those around him, such as patience, attention and love. Dental health is one more important need. Often dental care is delayed because of the pressures of more immediate health problems. A healthy mouth is an important part of total health. It can improve eating, speaking as well as how the child looks and feels about herself. A diseased mouth can cause difficulty in chewing and swallowing which takes the pleasure out of eating and can lead to a poor diet, or cause more difficult speech that can interfere with school work and making friends. Dental disease is almost always 100% preventable. Preventing dental disease is especially important for individuals with special needs, as they will benefit greatly from it. If you’d like more information on Dental Care for Special Needs, you should check out this great blog by the Canadian Academy of Dental Health.

“To help the patient with special needs maintain good oral health, a dental professional must put together a daily preventive program that’s effective, simple to use, and low in cost.Some patients can have a difficult time reaching their mouth with a toothbrush, which can have serious health implications. Poor physical coordination, teeth with developmental defects or oral habits such as pouching of food are all factors that can contribute to a poor oral hygiene. By educating the patient as well as his or her caretaker, the dental professional can develop a system that allows the patient to maintain oral health.”