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How to Decorate Your Event with Oakville Charm

15 AUG 2012
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There are a lot of details about Oakville that distinguish it from any other city in the country. But is it possible to take these details and integrate them into an event or party? Sure it is! Whether you are holding a corporate function or throwing a wedding, here are just a few ways you can add a touch of Oakville charm to your special night.

Sugar-me up!

Almost every native Canadian has at some point in time visited a sugar shack (also known as a cabane à sucre in French-speaking provinces). If anything is going to charm your guests it will be an event that is not only interactive and takes place outdoors, but also sends them down memory lane.

The selling point of sugar shacks is the full access to fresh maple syrup. If you are throwing your party or function during the winter months, your guests will get a kick out of the maple taffy (a.k.a. tire sur la neige) stations. This is when piping hot maple syrup (taken straight from the maple trees that are on site) is poured on top of fresh, clean snow and then twirled onto a popsicle stick. So loved is this Canadian tradition that many people have rented out sugar shacks for special occasions, including weddings and corporate retreats. Best part is that there is a sugar shack located just 30 minutes away in Campbellville.


Oakville is full of beautiful trails and natural grounds, as well as modern constructs and contemporary architecture. These contrasting features can definitely work to your advantage if you are looking for a distinct Oakville-esque photo shoot venue. You are probably trying to figure out why you would need a photo shoot venue. But if you think about it, everything from corporate headshots to wedding pictures requires some sort of background drop. So why not use Oakville’s gorgeous streets and parks to their fullest by setting up shop in any open space that you find? Pull your colleagues away from their desks and spend a few hours posing in front of the camera. Or, for all those planning a wedding in Oakville, get the ladies and gents in your bridal party out in the grass in their fancy clothes! Being outdoors and appreciating Oakville’s landscape is a really great way to pay homage to what the town has to offer.

Music to your ears

Let us not forget the most important part of any event: the music. A great way to add a touch of Oakville to your event is to have the Oakville Wind Orchestra be the headline performers. Although the ensemble is best known for their public performances, they are in fact open to performances at private parties and corporate events in Oakville. If you haven’t yet heard of the OWO, just imagine a 45-50 piece ensemble of local musicians who have mastered an impressive array of instruments. Having OWO at your event will definitely make for a musical treat to remember.

Anyone can throw a party. The difficulty comes in throwing a party that is fun, memorable and full of Oakville charm. But with these tips, you’ll be able to pull it off without a sweat.

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