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A Day in the Life of a Legal Office Administrator

14 APR 2014
Career Path : Law

The job duties of legal office administrators includes arranging the law firm’s day-to-day operations by responding to emails, answering phone calls, reviewing the schedule for the day and managing the activity of administrative assistants, legal secretaries and paralegals. Additional tasks can also include bookkeeping, recruiting and selecting candidates to hire, legal research and, with supervision, legal document preparation. The ideal candidate for this type of position possesses the administrative and technological skills to meet the demands of the legal office environment. He or she possesses good communication skills, both oral and written, and interpersonal abilities. Well-organized, the candidate pays attention to detail and can multi-task effectively under time constraints. Career opportunities exist in law offices, but also in court systems, insurance companies, real estate, government departments, healthcare and social assistance organizations and more. If you’d like to read more about a day in the life of a legal office administrator, check out this great blog by the National Academy of Health & Business.

“The nature of the legal office administrator position is the arranging of the law firm’s day-to-day operations. In the morning, the administrator responds to emails that have accumulated overnight, answers phone calls, reviews the schedule for the day and manages the activity of administrative assistants, legal secretaries and paralegals. Once this is done, the administrator often does some bookkeeping. If the administrator is not a certified accountant, then he or she must at least understand the general concepts of bookkeeping systems, such as payroll training or having followed basic accounting courses. If you’ve ever received medical office assistant training, some of these skills may carry over.”