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A Day in the Life of a Flight Attendant

15 APR 2014
Career Path : Flight Attendant

Are you someone that just has a drive to experience something new and novel all of the time? Are you the type of person who can’t sit still without a million ideas zooming through their head at any given point in time? Are you someone who’s amazed by different cultures and countries and has a lust for travelling? If you answered yes to these questions, then it might be high time that you looked into a rewarding, lucrative and, above all, exciting career as a flight attendant. Not only will you be interacting with profoundly interesting passengers on a daily basis, but you’ll be taking trips around the globe for free. Finding yourself in Taiwan, Australia or Italy is just another day when you’re a flight attendant. If you’re wondering if it’s really the right career for you, check out this great blog post by Canadian Tourism College that gives a great rundown of what a day in the life of a flight attendant is like. Who knows, it could be your dream job!

Landing and Disembarking

Upon landing, you’ll assist passengers by making announcements about arrival times, the weather in the city you’re landing in, and more. After, you’ll help passengers disembark and wish them a great day. Now that the flight is over, if you’re done your trip, you’ll head to a hotel and get some rest, a bit weary and hoping the staff have excelled in their hotel management programs. If not, then you’ll either be hopping on another flight, or resting up until the next leg of your journey.

Multifaceted and exiting, the life of a flight attendant is never dull, so if you’ve always wanted to see the world, this could be the ideal career for you.”