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Is a Customer Service and Information Clerk Diploma Program What You Need?

19 DEC 2012
Career Path : Business

Practically all businesses require individuals able to provide top-notch customer care to their clients. There are colleges that can provide you excellent training as a customer care and information clerk. Equipped with this type of diploma, you will be employable in virtually any organization where you will be able to carry out a rewarding career in this sector of customer relations.

Typical duties and responsibilities of a customer service and information clerk include:

  • Respond to telephone and in-person complaints and inquires
  • Provide information regarding an organization’s goods, services and policies
  • Enter orders, verify shipment and send out invoices
  • Trace orders from intake to shipment and troubleshoot delays and problem
  • Receive payments and process information required for the provision of services

To learn how to effectively carry out these tasks, a good college program will require its students to take a course load such as the following:

  • Keyboarding (Minimum 25 words per minute)
  • Basic computer concepts
  • Operating Systems (Basic level of proficiency in a Windows operating system)
  • Software Fundementals (Basic level proficiency using the Internet, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft Access, Intermediate level of proficiency in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel )
  • Employability Skills (Job Search and Résumé Writing)
  • Office Skills (Completion of Office Procedures Level 1, Customer Service, Business Math, Grammar Essentials for Business Writing, and Telephone Communication Skills)
  • Compulsory Non-Credit activities (Customer Service Practical Simulation)
  • Elective Courses (where students must complete a maximum of 2 credits from the following):
    • Business Skills
    • Help Desk & Call Centre Skills
    • Word Processing
    • Spreadsheets
    • Office Skills

There are great colleges offering customer service and information clerk training. Some important requirements the students enrolling must have are very good verbal skills, functional reading skills, a warm and friendly personality and a very pleasant telephone manner. Some will also require students to achieve a 75% average in order to obtain their diploma.

Graduates of a customer service and information clerk diploma program can embark in careers that include: library clerk; courtesy receptionist; complaint, inquiries, or information clerk; order and payment clerk; and, as a customer service representative.

A customer service and information clerk diploma program is something you can never go wrong with. The skills learned can be transferred to many job positions. All employers can appreciate an employee trained to effectively deal with customers and well trained to provide clear information. It is certainly worth your time to find out more about this great sector of employment!

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