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Custom Cars And Other Reasons Automotive Careers Are Cool

17 SEP 2013
Career Path : Automotive

Aside from general mechanics, there are a lot of automotive careers that take mechanic skills to the next level. Both custom fabrication shops and custom performance shops have great opportunities for work that is not mainstream. Although they are both custom shops, the work at each of them is slightly different. There are also body shops and complete custom shops that have similar work.

Custom Fabrication Shops

You can work in a custom fabrication shop, where exotic or classic cars come in for custom work. The possibilities for what car owners want to have for their cars is nearly endless.

At a custom fabrication shop, you could be completely gutting the interior to put in new upholstery, seats, and an upgraded sound system. Or you could be working on the exterior of the car, giving the car a new paint job or adding aftermarket body parts. Automotive painting in custom fabrication shops needs to be done perfectly, as the car owners take great pride in the appearance of their cars.

Custom Performance Shops

These shops are similar to custom fabrication shops, but you will be working more on getting the car to be fast, rather than looking amazing. Even so, the appearance of the car is still quite important. Automotive careers in custom performance shops are not easy to come by, but your work will be interesting and engaging.

Car owners that want to have ultimate performance machines are willing to pay extra for quality work. You could find yourself completely overhauling an engine, or replacing the entire suspension system in a car. Sometimes, you might find a puzzle car, where the owner wants to put a handful of performance modifications on the vehicle, and your job is to make them fit properly and give the intended performance gains.

Body Shops

Although you work here will be on all sorts of vehicles, it doesn’t mean it won’t be fun or engaging. After a car gets in a wreck, it will be your job to fix the body work and make it look as good, or better than new. You will need to be proficient at automotive painting, as every car will need to have the paint job touched up after you complete the repair work.

Complete Custom Shops

These shops are probably the coolest places to work. You combine a custom performance shop and a custom fabrication shop, and you get a complete custom shop. Automotive careers at complete custom shops are not easy to get, but if you make it there you’ll have fun all day long

Any given day, you might start with an existing car, and not only work on just the appearance or performance, but both. By the time you’re done with it, you have pretty much made an entirely new car. From the engine compartment, to the interior work, and exterior automotive painting, everything has been updated from bumper to bumper.


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