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A Culinary Tour Through Oakville

13 JUL 2012
Career Path : Food and Catering

Although Oakville can’t boast culinary masters such as Sunsur Lee and Lynn Crawford the way Toronto can, the small town still has plenty of reason to strut around the food scene. From outdoor events to community gardens and catering services that border perfection, Oakville offers palate tantalizing experiences that make every visit a delicious one.

Midnight Madness (held in July)

Admittedly this event is more of a retail event than a food fest. Drawing in more than 50,000 people from in and around the Oakville area, Midnight Madness is a much anticipated event.  While local merchants display their crafts and artists showcase their talents, people spill in to peruse what the small town has to offer. Although the merchants and artists are undoubtedly the stars of the night, what really makes a street fair a street fair is the food. The BBQ eats, cotton candy reels, steak sandwiches and various take-aways give the town’s event the perfect edge. Sure, it can be nice to sit down for a gourmet meal, but chowing down on street food while live music is blaring in background is pretty much the epitome of a summer street fair, and Oakville does it flawlessly.

Farmers Market

Oakville’s enthusiasm for linking community and food doesn’t stop at street fairs. The town also instills the same sort of culinary enthusiasm all year round with their organic market. The Harbourside Organic Farmers Market is open from June-October and is upheld by local farmers who bring in their fresh picks each week.

The market also participates in a community garden, which is located at a local organization and is made accessible to all participants. Those who are interested in joining will be given the tools and supplies necessary to garden independently, and they will also be given an informative run-through on gardening practices and methods.

Offering community members the opportunity to hand pick fresh local ingredients while also giving them the chance to grow their own plants and food encourages healthy and sustainable practices. Bravo Oakville!

Caterers and Banquets

Lastly are the catering services. While street fairs and open markets undoubtedly provide unforgettable culinary delights, caterers offer a completely different experience. What you can expect from a catering service is food that is both impeccable in taste and presentation. Part of the survival of any business lies on its reputation, and Oakville catering services are no exception. The way they achieve the power of positive word of mouth is by offering delicious, inventive food made with the freshest ingredients.

Although Oakville is not pegged as a food capital (yet!) it is full of banquet catering that would make any group of guests spill over with awe. And the delicious food you can pick up while strolling through fairs and markets are what will keep you coming back for more. Bon appetit!


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