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What to Look for in a Cruise Line Job

5 MAR 2012
Career Path : Cruise Line

You’ve looked into a cruise line before, but only from the perspective of a passenger. In fact, it was your last great vacation that even gave you the idea of going to travel school in the first place. But now you’re done your travel classes and it’s time to find work. On what basis can you evaluate prospective employers? Here are some points to consider.

Size of the cruise line’s ships

Are you the kind of person who would like to work on a large cruise line ship with thousands of passengers? Or would you prefer to work on a smaller ship where you are more likely to interact with all of the crew and passengers?

Tip: If you are having trouble deciding, think back to where you were happiest in travel school. Was it in the hustle and bustle of the school cafeteria? Or in the quiet of the library? Try to find a job on a ship with the right amount of interaction for you.

The cruise line’s itinerary

Can you envision yourself on a cruise line ship where the itinerary is highly predictable and routine? Or would you rather opt for an employer that changes its itinerary with each new load of passengers?

Tip: When you were in travel school, did you thrive on regular routine, e.g., eating the same thing for breakfast, taking the same routes between your travel classes, or did you thrive on change?

The conditions for your job

Comparison shop. Does one cruise line pay more than another for the job you are qualified to fill? Does one offer benefits, and the other, not? Enquire about days off – will you be expected to be “on call”? Does the line offer a leave of absence for bereaved employees? For sick employees? Ask about the employee cabins. Are they comfortable? How many people will you have to share with?

Tip: Survey your travel school professors on their knowledge of specific companies. They may be able to steer you towards the most reputable employers.

Your priorities

Kind of like choosing the best cruise line for yourself as a passenger, choosing a cruise line as an employee depends on your goals and interests.

Your priority may be to:

-       make as much money as possible to pay off your student loans

-       see a specific part of the world

-       meet new people

This, more than anything, will influence your choice of employers after finishing school. When it comes to choosing an employer, there is no “one size fits all” solution. Follow your heart for the best journey yet! And bon voyage.