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This crazy nanotechnology can charge your phone in just 30 seconds

7 APR 2014

10190082395_a3a14bdf1aWe loved this article by The Daily Dot on a prototype by an Israeli nanotechnology company made from biological semiconductors that can recharge a phone in full in about 30 seconds. If this technology can make its way to market, it could be an absolute game changer, as phone charging is one of the most common complain about the current models of smartphones.

“The StoreDot team is demonstrating their prototype at Microsoft’s Think Next conference in Tel Aviv today. The prototype they built works for the Galaxy S4, and according to TechCrunch, Samsung is rumored to be one of the startup’s investors.

StoreDot uses teensy nano crystals it calls ‘nano dots’ as the cornerstone of its tech, which haven’t been used before. It is currently focused on developing these speedy phone chargers and better smartphone displays using the nano crystals.The technology has impressed fans with deep pockets: StoreDot has raised $6.25 million and is aiming for $20 million.

Cofounder and CEO Dr. Doron Myersdorf believes the team can have a functional prototype within a year, and a commercial product ready in around three years. So this super-fast charger could be available in 2016 or 2017, and is expected to retail for twice the cost of a normal phone charger.

Who wouldn’t pay extra for such a fast charger? If StoreDot can make this happen, it’ll be huge. But the company isn’t ready for a commercial launch. The prototype now is too big, and it doesn’t fully charge the phone. And Myersdorf is skeptical that the rest of the smartphone ecosystem is primed for his biologically advanced technology.”

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