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Corvette Stingray Exhaust

16 DEC 2013

You love the roar of your engine as your careening down the highway, but you hate that it wakes up the neighbors when you’re just puttering around for a nice evening drive. Well, lucky for you, the new Corvette Stringray has a nifty little feature that’s just for you. The new Stringrays come equipped with a switchable exhaust, meaning you can go from howling lion to purring kitten in a matter of seconds. This great post from Automotive Training Centre explains the ins and outs of the new exhaust, as well as some other beautiful features on the new Stingrays.

“What’s useful about the trick exhaust is that when you’re just cruising around slowly in town, you won’t be terrifying the neighbors with the car’s signature growl. The electronic sensors will realize you’re driving slowly and in a languid, cruising mode and adjust the exhaust flaps accordingly to adequately muffle the roar of the engine. Looks like you won’t even need car sales training to sell this beauty! The exhaust system isn’t all that’s tricked out on the new Stringrays, though. The advanced dashboard display in the Stingray can provide over 60 pieces of information – even things like tire tread temperature display!”

While it’s easy to love the power and speed that comes with owning a car like a Stingray, it’s often impractical for residential or more low-key driving. Thankfully, Corvette has recognized the need to be able to tone down the power when you want it, resulting in the best of both worlds!