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Cool Ways to Thank Your Teachers in Web Design School

23 APR 2012
Career Path : Computers and Technology

If you loved your teachers in web design school, why not shout it from the rooftops, i.e., let them know how much you appreciated their help and guidance as you made your way through the web design program. Here are some ideas to inspire you.

1. Create your own “rate your professor” mini-site in which to shower the teachers at your web design school with sincere compliments.

The art of complimenting anyone, whether a teacher at web design school, a friend or a child, is to be specific and truthful. So, think hard. What was it about the teachers in your web design program that you most appreciated? It may have been:

  • their willingness to give you an extra five or ten minutes at the end of each class
  • their up-to-date industry knowledge
  • their professional connections beyond the web design program – and their willingness to share them

2. Organize a thank you brunch for the teachers in your web design program

Take the time to organize an event to honour the teachers at your web design school. With a little luck, it may become a tradition in your web design program.

To make it extra meaningful for the teachers in your web design program, use e-invitations, designed by you. An event that shows your appreciation and showcases your skills is likely to make your teachers very proud indeed.

3. Arrange to give your teachers bouquets on the podium on graduation day.

When the big day comes – the day you receive your web design program diploma – surprise your teachers with bouquets of flowers presented by the head of your school. Have one of your fellow students read a speech thanking the teachers for their efforts.

4. Write a note to the teachers in your web design school.

If public displays of appreciation aren’t your thing, no problem. There are plenty of discreet ways to thank the teachers in your web design program, including that classic: the thank you note.

Again, remember to be specific and sincere in your praise for the teachers in your web design school. What exactly did you appreciate about their teaching style? Taking the time to choose your words wisely will make your show of appreciation that much more meaningful to the teachers at your web design school.

5. Tell everyone you know.

Your web design school probably already has a very good reputation, but the morale of the staff will certainly be boosted by your sharing your good experiences with others outside of the web design program.

As you move towards graduation, take a moment to show your gratitude to the teachers who helped you get so far.