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Cool Concepts from the Geneva Motor Show

18 MAR 2014

Automotive shows are always a serious source of excitement for automotive enthusiasts – new concept cars, new technologies, updated models, you name it – they’re a glimpse behind the scenes of the automotive industry. The Geneva Motor Show is no exception to this, being one of the most celebrated and looked forward to automotive shows of the year. The 2014 is an exceptionally stacked one, with offerings from Maserati, who are celebrating their 100th year in business this year at the automotive show, being some of the most gorgeous and jaw-dropping cars we’ve seen in recent history. Apple’s new CarPlay hands-free phone feature is also making headlines, but more over safety concerns about how it could possibly make the road a lot less safe than its features. Check out this blog post by Automotive Training Centre to see what this year’s show has had to offer.

“The California T is the first automobile from Ferarri since its Ferarri F40 model to feature a turbocharged engine, which is sure to rev up automotive technicians and those looking to work on one in their auto mechanic apprenticeship. The hardtop convertible will feature a new twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V8 engine and a drastically reworked chassis – about 60 percent of the components are brand new. It produces a staggering 552 hp from 7,500 rpm, meaning this baby will fly! Gone is the kind of goofy quad exhaust, but added are some air vents on the front and a carbon-fibre rear diffuser. With equally gorgeous automotive painting thing’s a beauty!”