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Continuing Education for Computer Skills

22 MAY 2013
Career Path : Computers and Technology

As Canada copes with a shortage of skilled workers, there has been a renewed focus on the transfer of tangible workplace skills. While universities can provide students with a broad base of knowledge and the ability to learn how to learn, it is the hard-application specific skills that are most valued by employers, which can generally be acquired and demonstrated most efficiently at trade colleges and continuing education programs. A greater focus on practical computer science, including coding, web design and information technology (IT) can be found in several online courses and Toronto-based colleges offering innovative hybrids of integrated learning. Until coding is taught in elementary schools like a foreign language, job seekers hoping to acquire the relevant skills to land lucrative Bay Street positions may need to look in less expected areas.

Where once college classes were filled with students straight out of high school, in recent years mature students looking to upgrade their career skills or change careers have become the norm. Many of these programs offer flexibility appealing to those balancing work and family obligations, with online, part-time or short-term intensive certificates. Course directors go directly to industry contacts to discuss the job market’s needs of today and tomorrow to emphasize practical real-world learning. Instructors often work in the given industry, bringing their job expertise to students, who also can share their experiences to make for dynamic and interactive classrooms. The access to potential employers and others in the industry helps grads get a head start with valuable career networking.

Recent research in the Toronto region showed that web designers and developers are the most in demand, with only 7% of available jobs being currently filled. Database administrators and information systems analysts are other lucrative fields in which employers are struggling to find qualified candidates. Clearly there are jobs out there for candidates with the right skill set.

To have a successful career in the Information Technology industry, it takes a combination of mathematics, logic, communication and organization skills with specific capabilities in industry-standard hardware and software. Technical skills for hardware support are very mechanical based, using cables, servers and the various components of network administration. As this industry is constantly evolving, continuing education may serve the purpose of filling gaps in knowledge to update training to present standards. For anyone seeking IT courses Toronto is Canada’s leader for both jobs and training options.

Web designers use a combination of software functionality and graphic design skills to create web pages that fulfill business needs for clients. The verbal communication skills to interact with clients are just as important as the visual communications. Proficiency with computer languages and familiarity with browser and server issues are necessary in today’s market. Good web design courses in Toronto mix innovative thinking with a hands-on approach that allows graduates to step right in to rewarding careers.

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