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It’s Never Too Late to Get Creative

10 AUG 2012
Career Path : Continuing Education

Art is all around us. It isn’t just sitting on display in museums and hanging on the walls of trendy Soho galleries. We’re dressed in art, and even paint our faces or mould our hair artistically. We work and shop in gigantic artistic structures which turn our commercial downtown streets into a giant exhibit. In our very homes, we sit on art, we dine on art, and we sleep on art.


It is true that some of the greatest artists have understood their calling since childhood: Mozart began composing at five years old; Picasso began his training as a painter at the age of seven. But because today art is no longer restricted to the pure forms of pictorial and musical compositions, to name a few, one doesn’t need to be committed their entire lives to realize their creative aspirations. One of the biggest deterrents that most people believe keeps them from an artistic career is that art does not lead to a guaranteed career. This simply is not true. No matter how old you are, and no matter how important it is to have a steady career, it is never too late to get formal creative training that can be applied to steady and useful work.


There are plenty of university programs that specialize in creative and visual arts that are what are known as ‘applied arts’ as opposed to pure or ‘fine arts’ Applied arts simply refers to the creative production of objects that also serve some everyday use, like designing a table, a nightgown or a building. Continuing education is a great way to integrate an education in these creative applied arts while still managing your day-to-day life. Here are some examples of programs:


  • Make-up and cosmetics: combining the visual arts on the human canvas. Careers range from make-up artist for television and film, designer of new cosmetic products, or working at a beauty salon.
  • Fashion: also working with the human figure. Exciting careers can lead to dressmaking, wardrobe for television and film, or even take you the runways of Paris and Milan.
  • Decorating: whether specializing in upholstery or interior design, these careers let you turn our everyday surroundings into an artistically satisfying environment.
  • Culinary arts: even cooking is an art, which any gourmet will tell you. It goes beyond taste and smell to even the visual presentation on your plate. Aside from chef, other careers are sommelier, caterer, or restaurant and menu manager.


These are just a few examples of creative careers one can pursue at any point in life. With the popularity of online learning, getting a good formal training does not require you to give up your current life and take a major risk to get creative.


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