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Become Your Own Aesthetician

21 JUN 2012
Career Path : Continuing Education

A recent Canadian study indicates that women spend 600 dollars annually on daily facial beauty cosmetic products and treatments. And that’s just on the face! Imagine what that total amount would look like if it included the cost of hair, manicures, pedicures, and waxing. How is it possible that women are not taking on extra part-time jobs just to cover the cost of all this stuff?


Before we jump in on the details of a fool-proof way any woman can save money on beauty costs, let me first assure you that I am not criticizing the female tendency towards beautification. We all want to feel great, and taking care of our body is a part of that. If it so happens that polished nails or a fresh haircut makes you feel good, then more power to you. But, there is a difference between grooming to feel good and being overly-obsessive about how you appear to others. Be wary of how much time and focus you put on your appearance. Looks only matter as much as you let them.


Now, back to the part about saving money. The easiest way to cut back your spending on aesthetics is to do as much of it as you can on your own. That is not to say that you should be handling piping hot wax right off the bat. Like any other practiced trade, the aesthetics field involves specialized skills that take many years of experience to perfect. To jump start your knowledge of the craft (or potential career path), you may want to enroll in a continuing education program in Aesthetics. Here is a quick look at the types of courses you can enroll in:


– Skin Care

– Body Massage and Treatments

– Colour Theory for Make Up and Fashion Co-ordination

– Business and Marketing for the Cosmetics Industry

– Manicure and Pedicure Techniques

– Waxing

– Make up; Bridal, Glamour, Runway

– Hot Stone Massage


Because aesthetics is a very hands-on trade, most colleges will not be able to offer the related courses through their distance education programs. Whether you want to find ways to save money or are thinking about starting your own beauty salon, taking aesthetics courses is the first step you need to take.


And remember, even when you do become a money-saving, self-beautifying aesthetics expert, you can still drop some coin to indulge in the occasional trip to the spa.


Visit Mohawk College for more information on online learning.