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How to Make Connections for Event Management

25 MAR 2014

When it comes to event management, there are few things more important to a successful career than making great connections with people in the industry. Knowing people who can help you out with anything from sound to catering is not only helpful, but it’s essential if you’re going to do well. Because the event management business relies so heavily on so many people coming together to get one event off the ground, it’s absolutely essential that when you’re dealing with people you make a point of being as friendly and welcoming as possible. Making connections is the backbone of the event management business, and even something as simple as striking up a conversation that isn’t about the immediate work to be done is enough to forge a great connection. Check out this blog post by Trebas Institute for more information on how to make great connections in the industry.

“To those who want to become an event planner and are decrying business cards and saying they’re not relevant anymore, you are definitely missing out on a great opportunity. In our digital world, the business card has become somewhat antiquated with the prominence of social media and email – it seems a bit anachronistic. However, just like vinyl records these days, the fact that it’s a tangible, physical thing and the fact that it’s not so common anymore mean that when you hand out your finely-tuned, well-made business card, people will notice. It’s now out of the ordinary enough that it’s something people will remember you by.”