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Using Computers to Enhance Peer Assessment

22 NOV 2013

A recent blog post written on Using Computers to Enhance Peer Assessment initially published on the Test Generator blog looks at the ways that management can incorporate technology to successfully improve the performance of their workers through peer assessment. The post highlights the specific benefits that both workers and management can achieve through peer assessment.

“The benefits of incorporating computers in peer assessment are that along with greater efficiency, it offers greater variety in the nature of test given as the computer can easily create variety in question options, along with the reduction in human error which will allow for greater accuracy. Another benefit is that workers can better assess the productivity of their peers in a way that management cannot, as they are typically with the colleagues on a daily basis and can better tell the strengths and weaknesses of their colleagues. There are many practical benefits in peer review if it is done in a manner that allows for workers to feel at ease expressing their opinion.”

In addition, the post goes on to outline how completing peer assessments will improve efficiency in the workplace by taking the responsibility of completing the reviews out of the hands of the manager and delegating it into the hands of the worker. Through delegation, management will be able to have an accurate impression of workers strengths and weaknesses.