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Computer Courses for the Future!

31 JAN 2013
Career Path : Computers and Technology

Computer courses are one of the newest learning innovations in education. They greatly increase the accessibility of skills and career training and provide a structured framework that can allow users to learn at their own pace from a multi-media environment. Conventional education methods involve course lectures and printed material. In a distance education program that means static reading and requires the student to look outside the curriculum if they don’t understand, while conventional classroom learning moors students to classes at a particular time and place and obliterates flexibility.


A computer college takes advantage of innovations in learning, often by providing students looking for career skills with an industry experienced professional but solid material to back them up. Teaching, unless it is the skill being imparted, is a separate skill set that not everyone is equip to learn, but generally for career minded classes it’s better to learn from someone who also worked in that field. Computer courses work by backing them up. The solidly constructed materials let students turn to the exercises and information contained inside without losing the industry insider advantage.


Pedagogically speaking, even computer courses that are part of distance education don’t have to do away with the lecture. This is no mail in education system. Email and voice over internet protocol telephone systems remove the time delay and students can enjoy recorded lectures at any time of the day to watch and re-watch. This makes doing things like taking notes much easier.


Computer courses also give the option to learn through games and interactive, self-scoring flash cards. These have gotten such popularity that even conventional university textbooks have started including a sign in code or CDrom to help students take their learning beyond the limits of the printed page.


Of course computers are not a replacement for real world experience or practical hands on training in some fields. A computer college will usually try to include a practicum and certain courses will integrate traditional labs into their structure. But some skills work particularly well with computer courses.


Web design courses are a good example. Since much of the work is learning by doing, the web design student can follow a series of step-by-step instructions to train themselves in HTML or modern what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) web design software. Since they already have to use a computer it makes perfect sense to put the instructions and the practice exercises in one place, whether learning from home or at a computer college.


Regardless, computer courses also open up a new opportunity to provide education in remote areas or areas with little infrastructure. Current initiatives are also working to furnish impoverished areas with easily affordable portable computers under the same principle. It is quite likely that within a decade computer courses will be an integrated part of learning everywhere on the planet.



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