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Computer Courses for an Adapting Career

12 MAR 2013
Career Path : Computers and Technology

Making your living with a computer is not just a good idea, it’s nearly unavoidable. While not everyone needs or should take IT training, if you are unfamiliar with computers and their use, you should sign yourself for some computer courses.


Increasingly, the work place relies on computers for simple tasks like checking yourself in at work, recording hours, creating reports, inter-department and inter-location communication, presentations, training and data gathering and search. Even relatively low skill work will come in contact with computers in cash registers or processing payments.


Government agencies are turning to computers to reach clients. This means everything from permits, to social services, but also information related to services available to you and in your area, such as clinics or parks. Most schools now put a significant amount of information online. Even if you never plan to go back to school, chances are if you have children computers will be part of their homework.


Even manual labour jobs now involve computers. House blueprints are developed in CAD programs, while landscaping software lets home owners see how their property will look before they plant. Increasingly, stores are encouraging customers to use a self-serve search terminal to help them find what they are looking for. Meanwhile, warehouses now expect all workers to be able to use the inventory system to keep track of stock. Computers have become impossible to avoid.


Thankfully, you can find basic computer courses in places like your local library. Alternatively, for more complicated computer skills you might consider looking for a computer college. These can teach you word processing, email and other valuable skills. Alternatively this is also a great place to get IT training.


In the past, computers may have seemed like a difficult field for anyone to break into. These days, it does not require a lot of education and basic computer work is a lot closer to vocational training. This includes things like becoming a network administrator or doing basic computer repair. The salary is excellent and you could make a very comfortable living and an essential part of the office.


Alternatively, if computers are a very good fit for you, you might consider web design courses and make your career online. As mentioned, as computers play an increasingly important role, someone needs to take all these new services and translate them to the web. It has also caused an entire industry to spring up around the web, including web specialized companies that would be otherwise unable to exist, and companies taking advantage of the new capacities of smart phones.


For a person willing to learn and understand computers, whether they take web design courses, IT training or just basic classes, there are great career opportunities ahead.



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