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Computer College for Creatives

23 JAN 2013
Career Path : Computers and Technology

If arts were your passion in high school, you’re probably interested in what sort of training would make a practical use of your talents. You’ve probably considered art school, but have you considered computer college courses? The computer is playing an increasing role in the creation of visual artistic works of all kinds. It also forms the core of many of the modern arts and graphic design jobs you can find but also a great place for imaginative, visual thinkers.


IT Training might bring to mind the concept of a decidedly uncreative, math minded IT Technician who spends all their time babysitting servers. The reality is that it’s a field that also favours visual thinkers who have a good eye for detail. There’s a reason why server cables are often colour coded! While mathematic ability is to your advantage, with an increasing number of computer systems relying on a visual based interaction system as a user output, mere math talents just won’t cut it.


If programming still scares you away, that’s not all you can find at your local computer college. Desktop publishing, graphic arts software, computer animation software training and web design courses are all alternative options. In desktop publishing you could be prepared for a career in printing and design. It might not seem glamorous, but the skills you learn are also great for would be photographers and anyone who wants to make professional quality prints. On the other hand you could also use your computer college classes to learn about the latest graphic design and animation software. Even if you want to work in traditional mediums, increasing post-processing is done on a computer and tablets and pressure sensitive interfaces make skill transference easier.


Of course web design courses deserve their own separate category. A good web designer is many things, one part graphic artist, one part typography wizard but also an architect. This is one of the most in demand jobs for creative and artistic people at the moment. As the world increasingly puts itself online there is desperation for people who can use today’s software to create professional quality pages for businesses and private individuals. In this day and age, no reputable institution is without a web page and must hire an in house person to deal with the project or rely on specialty firms.


Regardless of what you choose, whether you go for general IT training or other specialized courses, you will discover that a computer college is truly the right choice for creative people. Your talents will be properly used, and one last advantage of course: ready employment means being artistic without starving. That’s something that every artist can appreciate, regardless of what their skills.



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