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What is Computer-Aided Design?

22 NOV 2013
Career Path : Computers and Technology

Computer-aided design, also known as CAD, refers to the usage of computer technology to design and implement products and services. This software can take the place of the tedious manual drafting that was primarily used before CAD was developed. It can assist with the exploration of ideas, visualization of concepts, and simulation in how deigns will perform in the real world. While this is the simplest description of CAD, there’s a lot more to this exciting field.

The Features of CAD Software

There are different types of CAD software, and each will have its own features. The right option to use for a given project will vary based on the project’s particular needs. For example, one type of software can create 2-dimensional vector-based graphics, while another could create 3-dimensional modeling of solid surfaces. The 3D versions give designers the ability to add several light sources, to rotate objects in 3 dimensions, and to look at every angle of a design.

The Many Uses of CAD Software

CAD software can be used for an impressive range of applications. Certain software has been used to design vehicles, bicycles, ships, and even prosthetic limbs. It can be used in photo simulation, computer animation, and visual effects. There are also a wide range of industries who use this technology, including manufacturing, plant design, civil engineering, and architecture.

The History of CAD Software

It’s not hard to see that the use of this technology was industry changing for many. The first CAD software began being used in the 1980s and it immediately reduced the need for draftsmen significantly. This was especially true in small or mid-sized companies. Not only is CAD software simple to use, but it’s affordable and allows engineers to do the entirety of the design process. This eliminated the need for entire departments, which means companies are able to better compensate their engineers and those who work with these technologies. A trade-off is an increased demand for CAD courses in engineering training.

The Future of CAD Design

Those who are thinking of training in this exciting field have a lot to look forward to. There is no evidence that this field is going away anytime soon. In fact, it is growing at leaps and bounds. One of the many reasons that people enjoy working with this technology is because it’s ever changing. There is always something new to learn as CAD school, yet the new technologies that are coming out simply build on previous knowledge. As a result, a person can get trained today, have a great foundation, and use that throughout their career – even as the industry changes.

It’s an exciting time to learn more about CAD technology, no matter if you’re interested in being an engineer, video game designer, urban planner, or one of dozens of other career fields that uses this technology.

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