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Computer Aided Design Career Spotlight

22 NOV 2013

If you’re a talented visual artist it can be hard how to translate that into a career. Rather than going the starving artist route, if you’ve shown strong technical aptitudes (how’s your brush control and the perspective in your illustrations?) you might consider checking out Computer Aided Design focused careers.

It can seem like it’s condemning you to a world of dry measurements and stifled creativity, but actually CAD forms the backbone of many design focused careers. It could pop up in video game design, to help you plot out three dimensional locations for challenging level design, in fashion for taking things from the sketch pad to practical pattern making, and beyond. Interested in knowing more? This blog post from Digital School will give you a better grasp of the sorts of skills you will need to master for your career:

“The computer aided aspect means that you could be working in traditional 2D, or in 3D. Sometimes you may also produce work in isometric perspective. Rather than flat blueprints that show cutaways, this allows printed schematics that show the finished appearance of the design.

Some of the programs used with technical drawing include Adobe Illustrator, usually supplemented by design related plugins, and Autodesk. They may also need to know how to create designs for automatic CNC machining, or for the new 3D printers, the latest innovation in material and mechanical manufacturing. “