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After Completing Auto Mechanic School

24 MAY 2013
Career Path : Automotive

There are many career choices that become available to a person that has completed auto technician training.  Usually this is just the start of an auto mechanic apprenticeship, so you might choose to develop your career in one of the many local shops or garages in their area or they may choose to work for a dealership that is in your. A well-educated and trained mechanic might also choose to gain employment at a leasing company or to work for the local, state or federal government repairing vehicles. Job positions can also be found a car manufacturing plants that offer an excellent lifelong career. Should one decide to travel, you will find that you can work anywhere in the world that you chooses after completing your full certification. Finishing your auto mechanic apprenticeship will help you to become more knowledgeable and gain the confidence that you need to move on to bigger and better career opportunities.

Management and Supervision Positions

After you have worked for a particular mechanical business for a period of time that allows you to prove your knowledge, you may be promoted up to Supervision or Management which will bring a higher salary and also give you the opportunity to help other mechanics learn more about the field.

Specialization Fields

A mechanic may choose to enter a special field of auto mechanics as for your career, such as a Transmission Mechanic, Front End Mechanic, Motorcycle Mechanic or a Diesel Mechanic. With some auto mechanic apprenticeships you can quickly become an ace in your field and earn a good living.

High Performance Mechanic

When speed and power are what drives a person you may consider a career in a Race Shop or on a Race Team after auto mechanic school. This will allow you to work on engines that are more powerful with up to 16 cylinders. You’ll have the opportunity to work with Turbo Chargers and learn the art of modification to motor heads, chassis set ups and axel suspension set ups.

Other Mechanic Careers

You might opt to become an Air Craft Mechanic, a Marine Mechanic or to work on Heavy Equipment or Farm Equipment to put his education to the best use. This is a career choice that will also allow you to work almost any place in the world and is similar in nature to auto technician training.


After completing your own auto mechanic courses you might choose to teach others by obtaining a Bachelors Degree or a teaching license. This will be the perfect career that allows you to pass your knowledge on to others so that they can prosper and choose the career in auto mechanics that is right for them.

Visit Automotive Training Centres for more information on the route to finishing your auto mechanic apprenticeship.