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Company Granted License to Import Cannabis to Canada

13 FEB 2014
Career Path : Healthcare

A recent AAPS blog post, Bedrocan Granted License to Import Cannabis to Canada, reveals recent legislative changes regarding the production and distribution of medicinal marijuana across the country. Indicative of the global tidal wave of change regarding the status of cannabis, Canada is slowly changing its stance on the drug, which is often seen as less harmful than widely used pharmaceuticals. However, unlike the states of Colorado and Washington, Canadian provinces will not see a proliferation of local smoke shops. Companies wishing to import, grow and sell cannabis will need a special license. One of the first to qualify is Bedrocan, a Toronto-based firm that has partnered with Bedrocan BV of the Netherlands, which brings years of experiences and expertise to Canadian consumers. The blog post explains that

pharmaceutical quality controlsurveys and by listening to both patients and science in developing cannabis strains.

Bedrocan has been supplying various European countries with cannabis since 2006. They have learned how to standardize the buds, ensuring that each prescription contains identical active ingredients – essential for patient health and doctors’ ability to monitor treatment. Since 2005, Bedrocan BV has been the only company in the world offering multiple varieties of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis products for research, as well as for patient use. By late 2014, they will join forces with their Canadian counterpart to bring locally grown medicinal marijuana of the highest quality to eligible prescription holders.