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Common DJ Equipment

9 AUG 2013
Career Path : Arts and Entertainment

Whether you’re planning on taking some audio courses, going to DJ school, or you simply want to try out some techniques yourself, there is a lot of equipment you need in order to get started. It can cost hundreds of dollars just to get your turntable set up, and a lot of concert-goers want to be dazzled by a fancy lights show.

Knowing what basic DJ equipment you need can help manage some of the cost as well as make sure that you have everything necessary.

Turntable Setup

One thing you might not know is that you actually need two turntables in order to get your setup. You’ll also need two DJ cartridges, commonly known as needles, a DJ mixer, and some slipmats, to go between the turntable and record. In order to make music, you’re going to need some vinyl records, and if you want anyone to be able to hear it, you’ll have to pick up an RCA cable, which will connect you to audio output.

Finally, to set up your turntable, you’re going to need a pair of DJ headphones. It’s easy to spend a lot on a pair of headphones, considering how many high end pairs are on the market. But if you’re just getting into music production, having a $200+ pair of headphones really isn’t necessary. You’ll definitely want them to be lightweight, though, have good bass, and be very comfortable, as you’ll be wearing them for hours on end!

One way to make sure that you set up your turntable properly is to take audio courses at one of your local arts schools. In fact, you may find that they even offer DJ school specifically! This will make sure that everything’s in order before you go on stage.

What about DJ Software?

Vinyl records are definitely the old-fashioned way to go, but it’s getting more and more common to use a computer and DJ software in order to make music. Almost every genre is going more electric, and one of the best ways to show that in a remix is with a good DJ program.

Again, you’ll need two turntables, two DJ cartridges, slipmats, and DJ headphones. But instead of vinyl records, you’ll want a DJ Interface Package. There are a lot of them out there, so picking one can be tough. But like with headphones, there’s no reason to invest in a super heavy program until you need it. Bringing your computer on stage is necessary, so you probably want a high-end laptop. You’ll also need a DJ mixer.

Of course, there are all different styles of DJ now, and each genre has its own setup. Still, the basics stay pretty much the same: we’re looking at two turntables, DJ cartridges, and some headphones.

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